March 03, 2021

Living in Rizal: Where Serenity Meets Urban Modernities

On the east side of Metro Manila, there lies the tranquil and nature-rich province of Rizal, or the so-called “Cradle of Philippine Art.” The area is home to numerous art communities, vibrant festivals, and natural attractions, creating an environment where one can have restful nights and inspiring mornings.

Because of its proximity to the metropolis, it’s no surprise that Rizal is now one of the prime choices for residential developments. Property seekers consider the province as an ideal location for living a well-balanced life. In turn, developers are eyeing Rizal’s prime land for sustainable and innovative residential communities.

If you’re taking the next step to upgrade your life, which is to buy a home, Rizal is one of the locations worth considering. Here’s what it’s like to live in the eastern suburbs.

A Break from the Daily Grind

For the longest time, Rizal has been a hotspot for weekend getaways, particularly Antipolo City, where historic churches, picturesque waterfalls, and stunning art galleries are located. The municipality of Tanay can also be mistaken for a natural paradise because of its enchanting waterfalls (Daranak and Batlag Falls), cascading over rocks between tropical trees.

Being in a mountainous region, Rizal quickly becomes the choice of nature lovers and property seekers looking for a peaceful home. New developments in the province like Metro Manilla Hills make it easy to access Rizal’s top sights whenever the need for a refreshing break arises.

A Not-so-Hidden Paradise

Recent improvements in transport infrastructure make traveling to and from Rizal a breeze. When driving, major thoroughfares such as the Marcos Highway and Ortigas Avenue interchange can bring you directly to Rizal. The up-and-coming Southeast Metro Manila Expressway (C6) also offers an alternate route to reach the province’s developing areas while decongesting its major arterial roads.

The Urban Center of Rizal

Rizal comprises 13 municipalities and one city, but Antipolo shines the most because of its rampant development. As a highly-urbanized city, Antipolo is proof that Rizal is bound to become a progressive area with a healthy mix of natural landscapes and commercial establishments. As the rest of the municipalities follow suit, Rizal will be the top location for property investments among young professionals, families, and even retirees.

The Fast-Growing Municipality of Rodriguez

The booming municipality of Rodriguez (formerly called Montalban) is next in line in terms of economic progress. This area is taking suburban living to new heights with the emergence of residential communities like Metro Manila Hills.

Poised to become one of the most enviable addresses in Rodriguez, Metro Manila Hills boasts deluxe houses surrounded by lush greenery, cool breeze, and glorious views of the Sierra Mountain Range. Best of all, it’s only 20 minutes away from Quezon City, offering future residents the best of both worlds: peace and convenience.

The presence of commercial areas, schools, hospitals, and other establishments near the development will make you feel like living in an urban area, only greener and calmer.

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