March 03, 2021

How to Tell if a Residential Community is Sustainable Here Are 3 Features to Look For

Living in a sustainable community may not be everyone’s main priority when finding a new home, but it largely contributes to achieving a life without economic, environmental, and social issues. As such, one may think that sustainable living is the ticket to a truly peaceful life.

A sustainable community recognizes the modern and future needs of its residents while preserving the natural environment. Urban and rural elements converge to create a community where existing and future generations can live, work, and play. In the country’s suburban areas like Rizal, you may have already seen developments designed to embrace sustainable living. 

Communities like Metro Manila Hills lead the way to create an environment where economy and nature are interdependent. Besides this favorable interconnection, here are other features that make a sustainable home a remarkable place to live.

A Community Built for the Future

Sustainable developments are known for creating a better quality of life, now and in the future. This is possible if they’re in a well-strategic location, allowing residents to access establishments essential for social and financial well-being. For example, Metro Manilla Hills is in proximity to business establishments and commercial areas, offering residents plenty of employment and leisure opportunities.    

A Mini Walkable City 

Verdant green spaces and wide road networks are also crucial to develop healthy habits like walking and bicycling. Other residential developers also incorporate a commercial area within communities, decreasing car usage and carbon footprint. At the same time, residents are rewarded with a high-level of convenience because they don’t have to go far for shopping and entertainment.

Amenities That Meet Everyone’s Needs 

Today’s homebuyers highly prioritize security and comfort, which is why most sustainable developments, including Metro Manila Hills, are equipped with robust 24-hour security systems. Perimeter fences are also installed for added security, while lush parks and playgrounds abound for family-friendly and fun outdoor activities. For neighborhood events and intimate gatherings, residents need not go away as self-sustained communities also have function areas and clubhouses for various occasions. 

Putting Everything Together at Metro Manila Hills Communities

Situated in the municipality of Rodriguez in Rizal, there lies a vibrant, sustainable development that is the Metro Manila Hills Communities. Rich in vast greenery and picturesque mountain views, living here equates to being on a peaceful vacation every day. 

The development has six phases, featuring a diverse range of house and lot units that fit different home preferences. Townhomes and single-detached units are all designed with space efficiency and flexibility in mind. Meanwhile, living in style is possible with the development’s Mediterranean-inspired houses with optional pool installation.

Metro Manila Hills also takes pride in its lighted boulevard that’s one-kilometer long and 20-meter wide — bound to become a bustling commercial zone offering convenience and business opportunities. Surrounding this are landscaped open spaces, bike lanes, and functional amenities that can improve the residents’ overall lifestyle.

Living in such a self-sustained community is just the first step to having a peaceful and healthier life. Your daily choices and habits also matter, from driving less, to going plastic-free and improving your home’s energy efficiency. This makes sustainability not just a concept for residential development but also a way of life.

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