March 03, 2021

Creating Green Spaces for Every Type of Home

Looking at the developments in urban and suburban areas today, it’s notable how developers are making a move to introduce more green spaces. In the metro, there are new initiatives to build more parks, playgrounds, and green infrastructure. Meanwhile, in thriving suburbs, nature-rich residential communities, such as Metro Manila Hills in Rizal, are gaining popularity.

The reason behind adding greenery goes beyond building an aesthetic home. Besides providing basic human needs, like food, fresh air, and clean drinking water, nature positively affects one’s physical and mental well-being. Green spaces are indeed remedial in so many ways. Fortunately, you can now bring nature inside or closer to your concrete home, regardless of its size or structure. Here are some green space enhancements to try for different types of houses.

For Single-Detached Houses 

Single-detached houses, like the ones at Metro Manila Hills Communities, have no shortage of outdoor space. Creating gardens out of the empty space in the front yard or back yard is perhaps the most common way to add greenery to single-family homes.

If using the front yard, consider adding plants that flower every season to boost curb appeal and add bursts of color. If you want a worry-free garden, go for low-maintenance plants like Bird’s Nest Fern, Bromeliad, and Rhapis. If the house has a balcony, this space can also be transformed into a relaxing green space. Create a modern, little oasis by adding potted plants, wooden furniture, and comfy chairs to the balcony area.

For Townhomes

Townhomes come with little outdoor space, so it could be challenging to carve out a green space here. However, it’s not impossible. You can create a tiny veggie garden and grow your own food. Or, consider using small planter boxes and attach them to the fence if you have one. Another option is to use hanging baskets and fill them with your favorite flowering plants.

For Condo Units 

Since condo units generally have smaller space than standard townhouses, you might think that bringing greenery inside the unit would be more difficult. In reality, there are several ways to add a touch of green to a condo unit. The simplest and most hassle-free: hang nature-inspired artwork to your living area or bedroom. The next-level green space idea? Create a vertical indoor garden. With your favorite plans on your walls, they would create a vibrant green mural inside your home. 

For Apartments

Placing small potted plants on the windowsills can add a refreshing sight inside an apartment. Make sure to consider the amount of sunlight that goes through the window so you can determine the right plants to display. For instance, if the windows don’t let much sunlight in, peace lily, spider plant, and aloe vera would be the ideal plant options. Hanging baskets are also great for apartments as they don’t take up much space. Plus, they’re easy to bring, in case you move to another house in the future.

And while we’re on the subject of a new home, it’s also important to consider how much green spaces you’ll access once you move. Living in a nature-inspired community like Metro Manila Hills is worth considering with its picturesque mountain views and vast green spaces. Townhouses in this development are known for their generous frontage, allowing for relaxing and beautiful landscaping. Parks, playgrounds, and commercial areas also merge within Metro Manila Hills, creating a tranquil yet convenient residential environment.

There are so many ways to integrate green living into your everyday life. Harness the benefits of nature with these tips, and watch your surroundings transform into a piece of paradise.

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