March 03, 2021

Housing and Beyond: What You Really Need When Moving to the Suburbs

Thinking of swapping the invigorating city life for a quiet and laid-back suburban living? You’re not alone. Even before the pandemic, and especially during its upsurge, many city dwellers have considered moving to the suburbs. The air is fresher, the surroundings calmer, and the places less crowded. The suburbs have, once again, become the preferred home location of many.

When moving to the province, it’s clear that you must secure a comfortable home first. But for the most convenient residential experience, there are other important things that you have to keep in mind. Here’s everything you need for a peaceful and hassle-free suburban living:  

The Right Home Size

On top of your priority list is a house with the correct size. Sizing plays a crucial role in ensuring that you’ll have an overall cozy home for you and the entire family. Getting it right requires looking into your future needs. If you plan to raise a small family, a townhouse might be enough for you. Townhomes are not particularly small in size, especially when considering the units at Metro Manila Hills Communities. Here, the townhomes can offer up to three bedrooms, so you may get extra space or a spare room.

Meanwhile, for those who prefer complete privacy, the best option is to get a single-detached house. They’re often bigger in floor and lot areas, making them ideal for large or growing families.

A Convenient Mode of Transportation 

If you live in a well-strategic residential community like Metro Manila Hills, access to major thoroughfares won’t be a problem. But for utmost convenience, you’ll likely need a car. Having one is ideal if you choose to keep your job in the metro. Sure, it can spell additional costs and maintenance, but it’s worth it if daily commutes will be shortened and you’ll experience less hassle. Having your own car can also boost your sense of freedom. You no longer need to squeeze into overcrowded trains, and you can drive yourself and your family anywhere.

Access to Education

If you’re moving to the suburbs with young children, you must have access to educational facilities. While schools are steadily transitioning to online learning methods, living in proximity to educational institutions shouldn’t be disregarded. This is because face-to-face interactions may remain for certain classes or courses. Again, Metro Manila Hills Communities make a great example for a home with easy access to education. It’s minutes away from Pamantasan ng Montalban, The Eastbridge School, University of Rizal System, and FEU Roosevelt Rodriguez.

Opportunities for Personal and Family Growth

Leaving the big city doesn’t mean you’ll lose access to many growth opportunities. That’s why once you’re in the suburbs, it’s important to reside in a community that can aid your personal development. For instance, living in an amenity-filled community of Metro Manila Hills gives you the chance to become more active and healthier. At the same time, this community has a commercial area that can open up ideas or opportunities to start your own business. As for family growth, it would be easier to raise independent and environmentally-conscious kids when living in an eco-rich home with access to parks and playgrounds.

By considering all these things, there’s no stopping you to finally have a peaceful suburban life. The best part is you’ll also have a comfortable, convenient, and healthy space for you and your family to grow. 


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